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Satisfied Clients

Customer Name: Crystal

OPB is the most reliable pick-up I have found since moving outside the city limits of Searcy. I always know they have been here even if I neglect to get the trash to the road because they leave a post-card in my roadside trash bin letting me know what time they were here. So if I miss pick-up, its my own fault. OPB has never failed to show up on Thursdays! Thank you for reasonably priced, dependable service.

Customer Name: Bob Elam

We are a new customer. Service provided has been very professional, timely, and better than we have experienced in the past. I appreciate this opportunity to do business with a very professional staff. Thanks.


Customer Name: Shanell Howell

Dear Jeff,

I am not sure who actually runs the route that I live on but, I would like to say they do a wonderful job at what they do. I am disabled and my children are responsible for getting the trash to the road before school because we can't put it out the night before because of the stray dogs.. A time or two the kids have forgot to put the trash cans on the road and your driver has come to the house to see if we had trash that needed to go and he got it for me.... I have lived here for 10 years and that is the first time anyone has offered to do that and i want to say thank you all for the good job you guy's do...

Have A Blessed Day.....Shanell Howell

Customer Name: Josh Stewart

I had service with you guys a few years ago. My mother moved into the house and assumed the service when we moved away. She has had nothing but good to say of your company and your drivers. So, now that we're living in the area again, we're glad to be using your company. We've only had one pick-up, but already the service and professionalism are showing.                                              

Customer Name: Stephanie Pedigo

U guys do a greaat job and always polite to me on the phone Jeff when I do have a question so keep up the good work glad i found ur pick up 

Customer Name:Rachael Williams                 

Best trash service around!!!                                                                

Inclement Weather Policy

We make every effort to run our routes everyday and on schedule. When the heavens open up and produce weather that is unsafe for our drivers to work in, and that is to bad for the dump to be open, then we have no choice other than to cancel the route for that day. We will be back the following week to get all the trash from both weeks with no limit for those customers effected by the bad weather. We will post our closure on our office voice mail, Facebook, and on this website once the inclement weather policy has been called for that day. Fortunately, we have NOW TO DATE only had 15 inclement weather days in the last 16 YEARS, so we are very lucky.

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