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Rates & Services

Rates & Services


Our rates are $25.19 per month + tax. We bill quarterly so every three months our customers will be invoiced $82.00, this total includes tax. We do not have any hidden charges or fees of any kind.


-We pick up typical bagged household trash.

-We have a 5 bag limit (33 gal bags or the equivalent).

-We pick up once a week, Monday - Friday. Your pick-up day will be determined by your location. 

-We can not take paint cans with wet paint in them, used tires, car batteries, electronic equipment, anything with Freon in it, or any type of yard debris. All of these items are not allowed to be disposed of at the local transfer stations/dumps.

-We ask that you have your trash out no later than 7:00 AM to receive our TRASH PICK-UP GUARANTEE. ( If you have your trash out by 7:00 AM and your trash does not get picked up, then just call us and we will arrange to come back out to get your trash)

-We also offer to our customers only, a one time pick-up. This means that we will send a man and a empty truck to get one full truck load of trash from your home and dispose of it. The fee for this service is $120.00 + tax per truck load if you have a Searcy address, and $150.00 + tax for all other addresses. 

Inclement Weather Policy

We make every effort to run our routes everyday and on schedule. When the heavens open up and produce weather that is unsafe for our drivers to work in, and that is to bad for the dump to be open, then we have no choice other than to cancel the route for that day. We will be back the following week to get all the trash from both weeks with no limit for those customers effected by the bad weather. We will post our closure on our office voice mail, Facebook, and on this website once the inclement weather policy has been called for that day. Fortunately, we have NOW TO DATE only had 15 inclement weather days in the last 16 YEARS, so we are very lucky.

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