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Our Great Team

I am very proud of my team that works with me.

- My name is Jeff Tinsley. I am the proud owner of O.P.B. Sanitation. I am a local boy who grew up in Searcy and graduated from Searcy High School. I attended college at Columbia College in St. Louis MO before moving back to Searcy to begin and raise my family. I am married to a beautiful and loving woman named Dorothy. I could not ask for a better wife by my side. I have one son, Brenden who is the light of my life. We are very close and Brenden is not afraid to get his hands dirty if his Dad needs some help.

- My Collection Supervisor is Andrew. Andrew has been with me for over 13 years now and does a wonderful job. He is diligent with his work and tries very hard to bring the high level of service that our customers have grown to expect.

 - My newest employee's are Taylor, Josh, Chad, Alissa, & Matt. With Andrew's guidance, I'm sure they will prove themselves as valuable assets to our team.

 - My office manager is Dorothy. She has mastered all aspects of the office, billing, and invoicing duties that I have put before her. She is wonderful with our customers and I have grown to count on her for all her hard work.

Inclement Weather Policy

We make every effort to run our routes everyday and on schedule. When the heavens open up and produce weather that is unsafe for our drivers to work in, and that is to bad for the dump to be open, then we have no choice other than to cancel the route for that day. We will be back the following week to get all the trash from both weeks with no limit for those customers effected by the bad weather. We will post our closure on our office voice mail, Facebook, and on this website once the inclement weather policy has been called for that day. Fortunately, we have NOW TO DATE only had 15 inclement weather days in the last 16 YEARS, so we are very lucky.

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